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Dude, just because a girl is pissed off, doesn’t mean she’s on her period. You might just be a complete asshole!

Seriously, dude?! Di ka ba marunong makiramdam?!


Remember what little kids do. They run, they laugh, they fall down, they cry, then they get up again. Ok, I know I’m simplifying and I know it’s worse to bruise your heart at your age than bruise your knees at 5 - but as the little kids know, we’ve all just got to keep on trying. 

More importantly, it’s clear even from a few sentences, that you’ve learned from your last relationship. It hurt, but you’re older, smarter, wiser. It might look like the same situation, but you’re a different person now. 

Next time you’ll choose better. You’ll cope - and if he does begin to act like a jerk, you’ll dump him sooner. What’s more, you’ve learned that it’s possible to be happy being single. You know that there’s always an alternative. 

I can’t absolutely promise you this new guy is ok, but I’m fairly certain you’re making good decisions now - and that you’re ready. And what I CAN absolutely promise you, is that it’s better to take some risks in life than none.


The best way to forget someone is to remember all the bad things he’s done. If he was a good man, then you need to just cry it all out, think of all the things you can think of, whether it’s imagining him going out with a girl, him going to strip bars, him making love with someone else. I know it sounds awful. But it works.You’ll get tired of crying. Eventually it will pass. But you must cry. It’s the only way to let go.

Sa pagibig kailangan ng TRUST.